Elite Community Foundation (ECF) is 4 Years Strong

Happy birthday to ECF!   ECF is celebrating our 4th Anniversary during the entire month of June!  A heartfelt thanks to all our volunteers, supporters, and donors.   ECF is going strong… we have weathering the pandemic and we are providing more exciting programs and services.  We love serving Queens, New York City, New York State, and beyond!  Help us to celebrate this achievement – “Volunteer, Attend, Donate!”.   


At ECF, we are proud of our innovative, dedicated teams, committees, and boards.  We are trailblazers, pioneers; we not only introduce or create new strategies, we make things happen with limited resources.  With your help, we can change this and increase our reach and services  “Volunteer, Attend, Donate!”.  Our aim is to erase barriers with our “It can be done” attitude and create real access to great programs and services to ensure “No individual, family, or community should be left behind! TM”.   


To celebrate, ECF will:

  1. Engage in a month long celebration to recruit new volunteers and donors – we can do more with your help
  2. Expand our existing programming – ATTAIN Enrichment Program July 2023 ( ECF’s children and youth program)
  3. Start new programs in the coming weeks – ECF International Health Provider (EIHP) Conference July 25, 26, 27, 2023
  4. Have a month long donation campaign – we have many phenomenal programs that need your support
  5. Initiate more research projects – we should explore issues with evidenced-based information


ECF is celebrating our 4th Anniversary in June!  We love serving Queens, NYC, NY, and beyond!  Help us to celebrate this achievement –  “Volunteer, Attend, Donate!” . 


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“Volunteer, Attend, Donate!” – Support ECF

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