About Us

Founder Dr. C. M. Brown

Elite Community Foundation (ECF) was created by Dr. Brown as a vehicle to promote volunteerism, and provide vital services locally and globally to individuals, families, and communities.  As a healthcare provider and educator, Dr. Brown identified several barriers that impacted employment, health, and education; and recognized the need for contemporary, diverse resources and solutions.  As a result, Elite Community Foundation was established to provide access, knowledge, and resources for the underserved or anyone in need of assistance.  ECF was created to provide programs for the advancement of individuals and the betterment of families, and communities. 

The goal of Elite Community Foundation is to become a catalyst for positive change and outcomes.  Via a plethora of services, ECF will provide critical services for children, adults, and older adults. Feeling good about any community first begins with the individual and family.  Successful, healthy individuals make stronger communities. Elite Community Foundation is committed to actualizing our mission and vision.

“No individual, family or community should be left behind…everyone matters. When we evade the issues, the individual, family, community, and world suffers”

Dr. C. M. Brown


Elite Community Foundation’s mission tri-fold:

  • To reduce poverty, illness, and illiteracy and facilitate activities for the betterment of local and global individuals, families, and communities.
  • To assist deserving and the underserved populations in need with access to resources, information, education, and training.
  • To support the underserved, unemployed, lower-income, women, immigrants, minorities, youths, single parents, and children, and anyone in need via direct and indirect services that will generate wellness, independence, and productivity.  


Elite Community Foundation’s vision is:

  • bridge the gap in society by providing education, training, and health care resources in local and global communities;
  • disseminate information and ensure access to health, illness, and hazard prevention and services in communities; and
  • facilitate education and career advancement via partnerships and collaborations.