ECF International Health Provider Conference - Holistically Improving Practice (on Zoom)

Elite Community Foundation proudly presents ECF International Health Provider Conference (EIHP) – Holistically Improving Practice.  We invite you to attend this important conference.  Healthcare is changing… Patients and clients are taking charge of their health in many ways including alternative or complementary medicines and practices.  At times, patients (clients) may have multiple diagnoses, diagnosed or undiagnosed mental difficulties, experience financial issues, food insecurity, are victims of violence or domestic violence, or use alternative medicine or practices to improve their health. On the other hand, healthcare workers have more patients, less time to interact with patients, and other internal and external demands. Together we can change unfavorable health outcomes!  Excellent caregivers provide more than medicine. They provide holistic patient-centered care.

Join us and learn ways to navigate these challenges, learn the latest evidenced-based information, and ways to integrate holistic care into practice. Even small changes to practice could mean big rewards for your patients and contribute to better health, wellness, resources, and healthcare experiences. Let our expert presenters motivate you to integrate holistic care into your practice. Don’t’ miss this incredible conference tailored just for you from July 25-27, 2023 @ 7:30pm on Zoom. 

All are invited!  Join us if you are interested in learning more about holistic healthcare or if you are a healthcare worker.  Anyone may attend.  However, all levels of healthcare providers (nurses, physicians, speech and occupational therapist, nursing assistants, medical technicians) including staff, administrators, and other professions (social workers, unit clerks, receptionist) in home care, long term care, hospital, clinics, health provider students, or any setting in NY, US, or globally should attend. Learn new ways of understanding and connecting with patients and clients.


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