ECF Empowering Communties and Enhancing the Quality of Life

ECF Wellness and Safety Series™ Fall 2023 series served as gateways to knowledge, equipping individuals with the tools to navigate their health, foster wellness, and ensure safety in their daily lives.  Via our workshops, attendees gain comprehensive understandings of their overall well-being, fostering a proactive mindset towards personal health management. From October 5-26, 2023, the ECF introduced four unique topics and witnessed a cumulative participation of 275 individuals in our workshop sessions. This exceptional program was made feasible through the collaborative efforts of various organizations and dedicated volunteers. Accordingly, we extend our sincere gratitude to all the volunteers, organizations, and attendees who have contributed to our cause including New York City Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD), Ponce Bank, and Quest Advance Media.  Additionally, we express our appreciation to all the attendees who contributed to the success of our events.

ECF Wellness and Safety Series™ earnestly seeks your ongoing support to sustain our continuous efforts in advancing public health, wellness, and safety because:

We believe Prevention is Key
ECF’s free interactive health, wellness, and safety workshops success lies in our emphasis on prevention. Rather than waiting for health issues or safety concerns to arise, our attendees can proactively engage in training to learn preventative measures. By proactively educating individuals and communities, we can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and the onset of health issues, saving both individuals and communities from the physical, emotional, and financial toll of reactive healthcare.

We believe in Accessible Knowledge for All
Accessibility is a cornerstone of effective public health.  Our free interactive training programs eliminate financial barriers, ensuring that individuals of all economic backgrounds can access crucial information. This inclusivity is particularly vital in promoting a culture of well-being that transcends socio-economic disparities. By making knowledge freely available, these programs equalize health, wellness, and safety education, fostering a more informed and resilient families.

We believe in Interactive Learning for Lasting Impact
Static information often fails to resonate with learners. Free interactive training programs leverage technology to engage adults actively in their learning journey. Our learners can absorb information more effectively and apply it to real-life situations. This dynamic learning approach enhances retention and application, ensuring that the knowledge gained translates into tangible actions for improved health, enhanced wellness, and a safer living environment.

We believe in Cultivating a Culture of Responsibility
ECF Wellness and Safety Seriescultivates a culture of responsibility among adults. By understanding the impact of personal choices on health outcomes and safety measures, our participants become more accountable for their well-being and the well-being of those around them. This shift towards personal responsibility creates a ripple effect, fostering safer workplaces, healthier communities, and a collective commitment to overall well-being.

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Please view our wonderful attendees feedback and pictures below:

“I learned a lot more about asthma.”
“This workshop improved my understanding of how crucial allergies can affect persons with asthma, also how we can find out when the spacer is finished what to check for.”
“It helps me to learn more and tonight was awesome. I enjoyed every moment. It is for real some time when they get the nebulizer afterwards they are so hype proactive. It happened to my son too.”
“I learnt to read labels on products more and also eat fresh fruits and vegetables.”
“I was unaware of the serious implications that soft drinks and other food products can cause to one’s health. I am grateful for the education.”
“Pay close attention to the charges of eating habits for family members.”
“It helped me to identify some of the danger substances in my food.”
“Help me to know the harmful ingredients in our foods that we consume
“I was informative and to take more precautions when I go grocery shopping.”
“It answered every question and was very clear about what was being discussed.”
“I learnt “How to help someone in a smoke condition”.
“Exploring the various elements contained in fruit juices and the really zoning in on the Nutrition Facts on labels was enlightening.”
“Really informative.”
“It answered every question and was very clear about what was being discussed.”
“Very, very informative. I really appreciate the knowledge that was shared.”
“I have learnt how to take care of myself before or when we have asthma. I didn’t
know that even the very chemical we use can affect us after a time.”
“It broadened my knowledge.”
“This workshop improved my understanding by reminding me that I should always have my to bag ready in case of any disaster.”
“I very much appreciate the in depth content. Also, the need to always have an action plan. Even the awareness that elements other than cold or heat can affect you.”
“Brought a more intimate understanding of asthma it’s triggers and the critical need to have an effective asthma management system plan with monitoring.”
“I have learned that you not only pack a Go bag for hurricanes, storms or floods but for every emergency.”
“I have learned that when homes are grilled you need to have a plan, where there is an ungrilled area that is opened from inside and it should be unlocked in case of an emergency.”
They enlightened my darkness, especially the go bag.”
“It was informative and helpful.”
“Fully edified and illuminated on the series at hand.”
“Very interactive and informative.”
“It has opened up my understanding.”
“Improved my understanding “how to prepare a go bag in preparation for a disaster”.
“I learnt how to “pack a travel bag for each family, also a plastic tube for
“Helps to see and hear different perspectives about situations e.g., closing the door behind us.”
“This workshop furthered my understanding of eating disorders.”
“Help me to understand eating disorder can be identified by simple signs.”
“In the sense of informing me of the different types of eating disorders and how they are treated.”
“It made eating disorders and its different types clearer.”
“Expanding my knowledge and understanding to get more information to relate to other people around me.”
“Gaining more knowledge.”
“Better knowledge of the subject.”
“In the sense of informing me of the different types of eating disorders and how they are treated.”
 “This workshop enlightened me on how exercises, moisturizing, deep breaths and hydration can prevent or lower the likelihood of complications.”
“This workshop improved my understanding, because am now able read label on items that purchase.”
“Even though I live in Jamaica, as opposed to New York, I understand the need to have some items available for any type of emergency such as food (even a snack bar), water, and medications I am taking. Also, the need to have a local contact person and another outside my area.”
“It broadened my knowledge.”
 “Cleared up misconception”.
 “It informed me how to be more aware of my space and not to take things for granted.”
“I learnt that Black American are 5x likely to have asthma and allergies.”