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Virtual Volunteers

ECF’s Virtual Volunteers worked to assist individuals through three New York City organizations, including seniors and NYC school children.  Virtual Volunteers assisted homebound seniors and students needing assistance with technology. ECF is proud to have our volunteers helping online and…

Supplement Donation

ECF’s team donated nutritional liquid supplements to a local church.  ECF’s team wanted anyone recuperating or with limited income during the pandemic to have the supplements.  ECF is proud to assist in Queens, NY.

Virtual Volunteers

Elite Community Foundation on-boarded more than twenty virtual volunteers from all over New York.  This group included high school and college students and those from working professions.  ECF found several individuals who wanted to make a difference during the pandemic…

Support for Project Hope Charities

Elite Community Foundation facilitated both on-ground volunteers as well as facilitated PPE and disinfectant donations for Project Hope Charities’ pantry.  Our support to Project Hope impacts 120,000 residents in South Jamaica and neighboring areas.  This local pantry provides food onsite…


In March 2020, ECF partnered with a local organization in order to provide fully online on-boarding to ECF volunteers.

Medical Mission

Ms. Powell (ECF Board member) went on a medical mission with health professionals to Jamaica, West Indies.  Ms. Powell spent 2 weeks assisting doctors to provide eye care and screening to residents of all ages.  ECF is proud to have…

GTS Fashion & Friends Teen Summit

ECF volunteers assisted with an event hosted by GTS Fashion & Friends Teen Summit – 2020 Enrollment Day in Brooklyn, NY.  Our volunteers helped with the event set-up and ad hoc assistance related to the fashion shop.  ECF is proud…

Supporting the Community

ECF volunteers prepared 250 gift bags for shelter residents and 50+ bags for home delivery at Project Hope Charities in Queens, NY. ECF is proud to have our volunteers helping in Queens.

Gear for Those Who Care

This program is for ECF volunteers. ECF is seeking funding for our volunteer gear (t-shirts). ECF would like every ECF volunteer to have a free t-shirt at every event that we participate or sponsor.

Happy New Year!!

New Year: New Programs. ECF will seek partners, sponsors, and collaborators for our many educational programs in the coming year. We have several proposals for children and adult workshops.